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Products of SPC «Ekofes» Ltd

Reverse osmosis plants

Reverse osmosis plants "EKOFES-ООУ" are intended for water purification from ionic impurities, organic matters, microparticles, and bacteria, by reverse osmosis or nanofiltration. They can be used::

Block-modular stations of water preparation "Krinitsa"

Block-modular stations of water preparation "Krinitsa" (VOS) are intended for purification of natural waters from surface water sources to standards SanPiN 2.1.41074. «Krinitsa» stations can be applied at construction, reconstruction and expansion of water supply facilities of small inhabited localities: shift workers settlements, cottage and housing estates, hotel and tourist complexes, farms, villages, settlements, etc.

Electrolysis plant "Chlorefs"

Electrolysis system "Chlorefs" is designed to produce water solution of sodium hypochlorite from salt with concentration of chlorine equivalent of 7-8 gr / liter.

Direct electrolysis plant

Direct electrolysis plants allow deriving disinfecting reactant - sodium hypochlorite directly from water itself (from chlorides presented in water) without adding any oxidants from the outside into the water under cleaning.

The anode plate: ORTA and OIRT

High-performance metal oxide anode coating for the sodium hypochlorite production

Brush loading

Brush loading for biological water treatment. Main technical specifications of brush.

Titanium heat exchanger

Company "EKOFES" produce heat- exchange equipment both of their own design with the total heat exchanger surface area up to 5.0 m2 and capacity from 1 to 5 m3 / h on coolant, and by customer's technical task.


Company "EKOFES" produce degassers with column diameter from 125 to 1000 mm, nozzle height of Pall rings 1,82,5 m and capacity from 0.25 to 10 m3 / h and higher.

Decarbonators of any capacity can be produced upon customers’request.