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Works performed by SPC «Ekofes» Ltd

Design and construction of treatment plants

With more than 20 years of practical experience in the field of technological and design solutions aimed at intensifying and improving the quality of cleaning and disinfection of water, modernization of the particular elements of treatment facilities and improving the efficiency of their work, SPC "EKOFES" also carry out a wide range of design work almost in all major problems of water supply and sanitation, especially in designing the stations and plants for producing sodium hypochlorite at electrolysis devices of "Chlorefs” series.

Construction - assembling work

Many years of experience accumulated by SPC "EKOFES» in the assembling of the equipment, completing the electrolysis stations and plants "Chlorefs", as well as hundreds "turnkey" and successfully operating facilities enabled the company to take the leading position in the domestic market of manufacturers and fettlers of electrical chloric equipment

Start-up and servicing

Manufacturing of each item is carried out in full correspondence with customer’s needs. Advanced resource and energy saving solutions are used in process flowsheets. The automation degree meets all requirements and is not inferior to foreign models. The company's products correspond to the most authoritative global peers, have all necessary technical and hygienic certificates, and are protected by patents.

Service and Repair

The list of works carried out during maintenance and repair.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Plants "Chlorefs" proved to be reliable, convenient and durable equipment. All the systems and equipment are warranted 12 months from the date of putting into operation, and the full range of service including post-warranty one is provided.

Scientific-research activity

The company is constantly engaged in research and experimental development activity on searching new technical solutions, improving of electrolysis cell and power supply designs, replacement of costly ruthenium-iridium anodes by affordable oxide materials, develops other equipment that best meets the customers’ needs.