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Our technologies

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The significance and magnitude of the clients, for which the company is implementing projects, manufacturing, supplying and assembling the equipment reflect its high standard. In 2006 JSC "Vodokanal" in Rostov-on-Don city became the largest customer of SPC "EKOFES" Ltd., for which they, based on the treatment facilities of Central Water Supply, designed, manufactured, assembled and in 2008 put into operation the electrolysis plant of 1000 kg capacity of equivalent chlorine per day. Four electrolysis apparatus (each of 250 kg capacity of active chlorine per day) installed at the station have been running stably and reliably for six years so far.

By agreement with the customer SPC "EKOFES" Ltd. make servicing for the running electrolysis stations and equipment, monitor regularly the process and operation of the equipment, as well as the quality of the product obtained in the existing facilities at customer’s site. The results of ongoing monitoring of plants "Chlorefs" confirm the stability of high reliable and trouble-free operation of all the units of electrolysis plants, ease of operation as well as current and preventive maintenance, which are positively mentioned in numerous reviews and recommendations from the Customers.

The gained experience and results of many years of work allowed the company to be involved in implementing even more ambitious projects, which have resulted in the design, manufacture of the equipment with its subsequent delivery to the sites, assembly and preparation for start-up of the following Russia's largest stations and units for sodium hypochlorite production:

  • electrolysis station of 1200 kg / day capacity at water intake facilities in village Dugino (extension of Rostov-on-Don water supply);
  • electrolysis station of 1600 kg / day capacity at the site of new treatment facilities of Rostov-on-Don water supply;
  • electrolysis station on the site of Alexandrovskye OSV 2.3 in Rostov-on￾Don of 7000 kg / day capacity (the largest in Russia and the world's second electrolysis station for disinfection of drinking water).

All three new electrolysis stations are in start-up mode and are planned to be put into operation in the end of 2014.

High competence, excellent quality of the manufactured equipment, the originality of technical and process solutions, as well as the absolute obligation of meeting deadlines and delivery schedules, assembling and start-up works, high level of service positively qualified SPC "EKOFES" Ltd as a reliable and time proved partner.

Among our customers there are water utilities and enterprises in the following cities: Rostov-on-Don, Novocherkassk, Volgodonsk, Novoshakhtinsk, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Krymsk, Tuapse, Cherkessk, Derbent, Nefteyugansk, Novokuznetsk and others.

In addition to manufacturing and assembling plants "Chlorefs" that are the main activities of the company, the specialists of SPC "EKOFES" carry out research work, make design and do start-up operations in the field of natural and waste waters, including:

  • recommendations on the design and process design for the facilities of wash water and sediment treatment at LOVS in Omsk (JSC "OmskVodokanal");
  • technical proposals for cleaning of sulfur-alkaline waste from hydrogen sulfide (JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez", Bashkortostan);
  • research and design project for treatment facilities reconstruction in Novoshakhtinsk (engineering firm "GEOS", city of Rostov-on-Don);
  • technical proposals and technology of water demanganation at Patrakovskiy infiltrated water intake (MPU Neftekamsky "Vodokanal", Bashkortostan);
  • research and technology of water deammonization and desilication on North Levokumskiy field of groundwater for drinking water supply of Elista27 and Stavropol Region (JSC "Sevkavgiprovodhoz", FGU "UPRAVLENIYE" KALMMELIOVODKHOZ ", JSC "KAVKAZGIDROGEOLOGIYA");
  • contractor design and subsequent start-up of the plant for water purification from hydrogen sulfide (village Egorlykskaya, Rostov region);
  • advice and technology of water purification from iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide in Anapskogorskoye deposit (Giprokommunvodokanal, city of Rostov-on-Don);
  • technical proposals for water purification from hydrogen sulfide on Yeisk group water pipelines (FGUP NIIVODGEO, Moscow);
  • mechanical and process engineering part of designs of water treatment facilities in villages Rogozhkino, Obukhoskiy, Melikhovskaya (Yuzhvodproekt, Rostov-on-Don);
  • adjustment of the process and start- up work at water treatment station in village Ust-Donetskiy (Rostov region);
  • mechanical and process engineering part of design of the water treatment station in Kaspiysk, Tsymlyansk
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